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Coming soon 2025 collection 

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All eyes on HER!
This collection is an ode to femininity and a celebration of the strength,
power and delicacy of being a woman.

For the bride who inspires herself, evoking elegance and sophistication.
HER makes every dress relate to you in the most flattering way.

Exceptional pieces, alluring sensuality and a blend of exquisite styles, an
expression of what our bride aims to feel on her special day: divine.
Welcome to her world.


For decades, Rembo styling has been a trendsetter when it comes to the creation of exceptional wedding dresses.


Rembo styling dresses are instantly recognizable and graciously complement your sense of style, confidence and independence. The new collection exudes a romantic nostalgia with a touch of sensuality.


Carefully selected fabrics, a superb fit and Rembo styling’s legendary attention to detail, such as handmade flowers and delicate pearl ornaments, all made for the wedding dress of your brides dreams.


Carta Branca

Carta Branca is a Belgian collection designed in Antwerp. It stands for pieces that are way ahead of their time, avant-garde, made in precious silk fabrics and with an artisan finish. Carta Branca wants to say as much as carte blanche, but through the Portuguese translation the link is immediately made to our production, in Portugal.

The brand upholds its authenticity standard, technique, and pure innovation, delivering exclusive dresses that breathe freedom of choice and expression. Our designers are given carte blanche in their work, presenting unparalleled collections each season.

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